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Giving Made Simple


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We believe one of the best ways of giving is during our worship so that we can all celebrate together but equally, appreciate any and all gifts.


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Online Portal

We equally belive that given all our loves for technology, we also have a giving portal available.

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Reasons for Worship Through Giving


Why Believers Should Give?



  1. Through giving we invest in children’s growth and spiritual futures

  2. We give as a means of caring for anyone’s critical needs

  3. We give to provide stability and growth for our year-round Food Pantry

  4. Giving is the Church’s response to God’s call to make Disciples

  5. Giving is the means whereby we minister to the requests of those who are unable to secure basic needs: food, medication, doctor’s visits, utilities, etc.…

  6. We give because we are committed to the Church’s mission; Teaching the Word, Touching the Soul, Transforming the Life

  7. We give to support ministry through media, i.e. we find validity in internet evangelism

  8. Giving is envisioning and investing in new ministry

  9. Giving recognizes that someone we know is being helped by what we offer to God

  10. Giving is a demonstration that sound Biblical teaching is an indispensable means of changing lives and this world

  11. Giving is what’s done by those who trust God unconditionally

  12. Giving tunes one’s life to God’s commands to minister to the “least of these”

  13. Giving is one of the tangible ways we express our thanks and gratitude to God

  14. Giving is proof that we understand one of the basic principles of the Bible; sacrifice…

  15. Giving happens because people know that they are part of the salvation process

  16. Giving takes place because people trust the work of the Church and its leadership

  17. Giving in introspective; we give because we realize how faithful God has provided

  18. Giving is the evidence of one’s faithful partnership in God’s Church and especially, the ministries of the Church

  19. Giving takes place because we know that we’re making a difference

  20. Giving reflects one’s basic understanding of God’s existential and eternal intent

  21. Giving is as an expression of our love and compassion for God and God’s people

  22. Giving is a result of obedience to over 2300 scriptures that reference the value in giving

  23. Giving happens when we understand that all we have still belongs to God

  24. Giving is a reply to the grace and mercy given through Christ

  25. Giving is given because we have been given…

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